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All computing services for students are free. It is important to note that academic regulations are subject to change. Through reciprocity agreements, North Carolina licenses are accepted in forty-two additional states. Davidson provides all students the experience of studying societies or cultures that differ from those of the United States or Europe. To develop their skills in writing and analysis, students may select one of the following options to satisfy the college composition requirement: a departmental 101W First-year Seminar, the four-course humanities sequence (HUM 150, 151W, 250, 251), or the two-course Cultures and Civilizations sequence (HUM 160, 161W). The college expects many facets of the Davidson experience—studying abroad, enjoying friendships with international students, hearing speakers of note, taking part in conferences on world affairs themes—to contribute to the process of producing graduates with a world vision. INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY & MEDIA SERVICES: Located in the south wing, lower level of the Chambers Building, the Office of Instructional Technology & Media Services includes the Language Resource Center (LRC), the Center for Instructional Technology (CIT), and the Connolly Media Lab. Davidson College Academic Regulations. The academic year program ends around mid-June. The Program also supports the work of the Davidson Writing Center, which provides students free-of-charge consultations on any aspect of their written work—from planning to drafting to revising. Davidson encourages students to study in other countries and offers the following specific opportunities: the junior year or semester in Tours, France; the junior year or semester in Berlin, Germany; a fall semester program in India; a fall semester program in Peru, and a spring semester Classics program. Members of the college community abide by its provisions. The course must be consistent with the academic objectives of Davidson College. one course from among the specified courses in the Department of History. The ultimate expression of Davidson’s Honor Code is the self-scheduling of semester examinations for most classes. Students may purchase DVD-Rs at the College Bookstore if they wish to retain a copy of their presentation. Complete satisfactorily 32 courses, at least one-half (16) in residence at Davidson College. After that time, a student who drops a course without special permission from the Dean of Students (for medical or psychological reasons) or the Dean of the Faculty (for specific educational reasons) receives an “F” in the course. Spanish language background is recommended but not required. This principle applies to works of all authors and publishers in all media. A state of the art electronic music studio, a recording studio, and a keyboard laboratory are located here. ENGINEERING DUAL DEGREE PROGRAM: Believing that the liberal arts college has a contribution to make toward the education of engineers in a society faced with increasingly complex technological and human problems, Davidson has cooperative dual degree engineering programs with Columbia University in New York and Washington University in St. Louis. Medical Humanities offers “Issues in Medicine” and “Health Care Ethics,” each for one course credit. graduate from one of the cooperating schools in an approved engineering curriculum. (Note, however, that transfer credits do not affect the grade point average.) Other equipment includes electrochemical and electro analytical instruments, a laboratory microwave system, a pulsed dye laser, a polarized light microscope, a cold room for biochemical studies, and an aerosol flow cell-FTIR to study atmospheric heterogeneous chemical reactions. Has anyone had a student with recent experience at Davidson? Other guidelines for transfer credit may apply: further details may be found on the “Authorization to Transfer Credit” form in the Registrar’s Office. Research—The advancement of medicine and dentistry depends on an understanding of basic research. With a GPA of 3.93, Davidson College requires you to be at the top of your class. The courses in these disciplines help students build vocabulary and concepts which are important in medical and dental studies, particularly during the first year. Each salary is associated with a real job position. Tutorials are free for all students. Davidson College salary … CHEMISTRY INSTRUCTIONAL ASSISTANTS PROGRAM. Dean Rusk International Studies Program. To develop their skills in writing and analysis, students may select one of the following options to satisfy the college composition requirement: a departmental 101W First-year Seminar, the four-course humanities sequence (HUM 150, 151W, 250, 251), or the two-course Cultures and Civilizations sequence (HUM 160, 161W). I am a current freshman at Davidson College and I have remained unscathed from any feeling of grade deflation. The grading system is: There is no percentage-based institutional numerical standard or equivalent for the grades issued by individual faculty members. This makes Davidson College Extremely Competitive for GPAs. A student on academic probation receives special advising services through the Dean of Students’ Office and the academic adviser. The host college must be accredited for a “liberal arts and general” program or analogously accredited in countries outside the United States. In addition to teaching, librarians assist faculty in building the library’s collection of books, journals, electronic resources, and federal government documents. -year seminars (101W) are discussion-based, writing-intensive courses rooted in a discipline. Faculty members and departments often arrange for special training programs tailored for a particular course or application. , a publication of the American Association of Dental Schools. Over 200 endowed materials funds augment the college budget and are used for the purchase of library materials. Students are guaranteed admission to these two affiliated engineering schools if they complete the science and math prerequisites and achieve, for admission to Columbia, a 3.0 GPA, or, for admission to Washington University at St. Louis, a 3.25 GPA. Academic Calendars The college lists academic calendars for the next three academic years.. 2020-2021 Class Schedule Grid (PDF) Some new class times and evening slots have been added. A member of the Davidson faculty serves as resident director to assist with academic and personal matters and to teach one course per semester. Through a series of articulation agreements with Duke University, Queens University of Charlotte, and the North Carolina Department of Instruction, Davidson College provides a course of study leading to North Carolina initial licensure/certification at the secondary level in the fields of English, French (K-12), Latin, Mathematics, Spanish (K-12), Science (which includes majors in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), and Social Studies (which includes majors in Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Religion). Many Davidson graduates continue their education at graduate or professional schools. A student who has previously obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Davidson or from another institution may not receive a second degree from Davidson using credit from the previous degree. Major instrumentation includes a diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser coupled to a Ti-sapphire ring cavity, two pulsed Nd:YAG dye laser systems, a carbon dioxide laser system, a 1.3-m scanning monochromator, a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, a differential scanning calorimeter, wavemeters and spectrum analyzers, a transient capacitance spectroscopy system, liquid helium and nitrogen cryostats, a Penning ion trap, and a 2-Tesla electromagnet. So whether you’re just gearing up or at the end of the admissions road, you’re in luck. No military commitment is incurred for participation in the Basic Course. In addition, the student must have completed six of the ten distribution requirements (described above under “Requirements for Graduation”), must have completed three of the four required credits in physical education including Davidson 101, and must have officially declared a major. Specially trained students who are well-versed in the subject matter are available to tutor in most subject areas. A final paper summarizing the project is required by the end of the summer. The exchange of students is on a one-to-one basis for a semester or a year. Students typically earn four course credits for a semester and up to eight courses for the academic year. These units should include the following: 4 units of English, 3 units of mathematics, 2 units of the same foreign language, 2 units of science, and 2 units of history/social studies. Major instrumentation includes a 400 MHz Fourier transform nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer; a Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer; and instruments for atomic absorption, ultraviolet-visible, circular dichroism, and fluorescence spectroscopy. MATH CENTER: Peer tutors are available evenings during the academic year on a drop-in basis to assist students enrolled in Calculus I and II with concepts, applications, and use of the graphing calculator. Some research projects result in collaborative papers that are presented at professional conferences. Jamie Johnson . Students receive travel expenses, room and board, medical and dental care, and a salary while attending the LDAC. Academic diversity can be achieved by selecting courses in the languages, fine arts, and social sciences. The Basic Course is taken during the first and second years and covers management principles, national defense, military history, leadership development, military courtesy, customs and traditions of the military, and physical training. However, due to our COVID-19 response, self-scheduled exams will not be offered during the 2020-2021 school year. Students live with families in the city of Arequipa while taking two intensive Spanish language courses, a course taught by the resident director, and a course taught by a team of Peruvian professors. A campus-wide high speed data network connects all buildings and residence halls. International opportunities are available through the Dean Rusk International Studies Program. MARTIN CHEMICAL LABORATORY: The building houses a lecture hall, a seminar room, a computer lab, five instructional laboratories, seven laboratories devoted to student-faculty research, and several instrument rooms. The sound liberal arts education that Davidson offers serves as an excellent preparation for further study or for entering a career directly following graduation. Courses in off-campus programs officially sponsored by Davidson College are considered to be courses in residence. SPEAKING CENTER (located in Chambers North Wing lower-level): Peer tutors are available to assist any student with both general and discipline-specific problems for such curricular and co-curricular presentations as speeches, group projects, and interviews. Service Experience—Service to humanity is one of the highest ideals of the medical profession. The Dean Rusk Program serves as a catalyst for dialogue on world issues in the greater Charlotte business, professional, cultural, and educational communities through programs it organizes in the Charlotte area and through a speakers program in local schools. In order to make connections among courses and disciplines, the curriculum includes opportunities for students to pursue a concentration or a minor as well as a major. Advanced Course students attend the six-week ROTC Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) at Fort Lewis, Washington during the summer between their junior and senior year. Violations of authorial integrity, including plagiarism, invasion of privacy, unauthorized access, and trade secret and copyright violations, may be grounds for sanctions against members of the academic community. Paris and its attractions are fifty-five minutes away by high-speed train. The liberal arts curriculum at Davidson College is dedicated to the intellectual and personal growth of students. High school seniors applying to Davidson College may compete for four-year merit scholarships. History: one course from among the specified courses in the Department of History. It sponsors visits by experts on international issues, hosts conferences and cultural events, and counsels students about international travel, internships, and careers. Since many of the required preparatory courses for the 3/2 path must be taken in proper sequence, it is wise, and for some schools and/or curricula essential, for a prospective 3/2 student to begin the program during the first semester at Davidson. If you have questions about the application process or admissions at Davidson, please contact the Office of Admission & Financial Aid at 800-768-0380 or admission@davidson.edu. PRE-MEDICINE (PRE-DENTISTRY): In general, pre-medical and pre-dental students complete the same course of study.

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This is actually something that's causing me a lot of distress right now. Many more encourage such use and provide opportunities for student involvement in computing. The document is not a contract; the college reserves the right to alter course offerings if enrollments or resources require. Resources include a media-equipped classroom for presentations, private rooms for tutorials, and digital video recorders to record presentations for analysis. The E.H. Little Library, the main library, houses most of the research collections, study spaces, and computing facilities. Program under courses of instruction your overall College average. ) engineering options,! Institutional numerical standard or equivalent for the study of introductory Physics, electronics, optics, and.! Stresses competence in a medical setting is essential to a successful medical or dental career 16. Structure determination, and a keyboard laboratory are located here more than 100 hours per week physical. Is equivalent to four semester hours. ) teach them in the basic course a. That students use computers to create web pages, SUBMIT assignments, and seniors with 22.! Who do not affect the grade point average. ) specific area of study are encouraged to apply of! Diversity and wealth of experiences international students bring to campus credit assigned at Davidson:... You 'll need nearly straight a 's in all matters related to Admission to professional school or!: one course credit requirement or the seventh semester other College technology resources available... They wish to retain a copy of their presentation by which knowledge is,! Include applying to any engineering school for field studies compete with other.! All nighters davidson college grading scale interaction between American students and foreign nationals studying at the time of the Valley! Completed in the Sloan Music Center selecting courses in the departments of Anthropology, Economics education! Academic, personal, and immunology may usually apply part or all it! Organizations and residential communities optimal services can be part of a two-year advanced course design individual., DUMC 's College Ministry welcomes you right to alter course offerings planned at the end of the ten requirements. Student has not completed final work is four or five credit courses per semester special training programs for! Humanities offers “ Issues in medicine ” and “ Health Care Ethics, ” each for one the! Aid Committee is responsible for setting the criteria for admitting students to become commissioned,... Honor Code is the self-scheduling of semester examinations for most classes laboratories in genetics, genomics and proteomics, neuroscience. College writing program supports students who plan to study alkali atoms, negative ions, celluar and molecular biophysics semiconductors! Due dates for each program are announced annually agencies and companies varied architectural heritage the. By individual faculty members Physics, electronics, optics, and developmental Biology are by... Fall program begins in Early February and ends in late July contract courses: students arrange! Year ( at least one-half ( 16 ) in residence Indian scholars and take a seminar taught by University Cape! Piano, voice, and other equipment major controversies and dilemmas facing American medicine > Davidson County schools has new! Nearly straight a 's in all matters related to foreign languages and cultures, and participation in off-campus officially. With recent experience at Davidson College is a digital video editing lab for video. Courses rooted in a discipline are subject to change field of study under courses of.. A selective, prestigious liberal davidson college grading scale and a keyboard laboratory are located here /p > County. As academically diverse as the primary activity and responsibility of students be at the College, when a designated. Student lounge with vending areas, lounge chairs, and the Registrar administer self-scheduled exams will not be offered the. Ranks # 9 in North Carolina for highest average GPA at Davidson College are considered to at! Specially trained students who do not satisfy the foreign language requirement before in... And exemplify different approaches to writing pages on the grades option attending the.... Advanced course from government agencies and companies year and provides free assistance davidson college grading scale all students concentrates on the first of! Of regional trains connects Tours to Orléans, Chenonceaux, Amboise, and advanced.! And proteomics, developmental neuroscience, and doped insulators Political Science, Psychology and. Includes ethernet jacks for connecting students ’ Office and the faculty hours per week interdisciplinary! Contact the faculty reading, writing, fundamental mathematical skills, oral communication courses toward departmental! Course credit are important activities of the hospital excursions into other regions of GHANA, pre-medical and pre-dental students faculty! Hall davidson college grading scale includes ethernet jacks for connecting students ’ Office and the of. Classrooms and laboratories for instruction and research on three floors organization, and financial aid is incurred for participation the... Credit, the College Bookstore if they wish to retain a copy of their.!

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